We have an announcement...


   It's with heavey hearts we announce the departure and resignation of Mylène Chicoine  our Executive & Artistic Director. Her creative and wild spirt will wonder out of province to  new adventures teaching in the cold dark North.  As the co-founder of the festival her vision and profound love for the gene has guided us thus far and, we are deeply grateful for her passion and drive and wish her infinite success in her new venture.

      The mantle of Executive and Artistic Director has been passed to Tyla Webster, who has been a part of the team and it's vision since the beginning of the festival. She has worn many hats over the years and we are  confident in her leadership for a new generation of FBN.

Executive & Artistic Director : Tyla Webster 

A lover of oddies, the grotesque, and horror, Tyla has always found beauty and great affection in lost , unconventional and  broken things. Hailing from a marketing and coordinating background Tyla has had the opportunity to work on multiple projects across Canada.  Creatively coming from a Fine arts background theatre was a facinating curiosity that she fell into while volunteering at the Montreals Fringe festival.  From that point on  the theatrical community has been a welcoming and colourful space she relishes  exploring  and  supporting.


Technical  Director : Eric Wrazen

Eric is a production & technical manager in the corporate event world and has managed dozens of marketing and training events around the world. But don’t hold that against him! Eric’s heart is in the “Dark Arts”, and he frequently provides technical production, sound design, and stage management support to local theatre, music, art and performance events.

An avid fanatic and collector of all things horror from an early age, Eric has been involved in horror culture in and around Montreal since the 80’s. Eric is also head of R&D at STD Corporate Laboratories, Inc. the mysterious organization behind seminal Doom Synth band, Summon the Dead.


Financial Director : Christian Menard

Christian is a professional Boring person.  There isn’t really that much to say about this bland middle age white boy that lives in shades of grey (but not the kinky ones like the book, just regular boring grey). He got involved with the festival when Mylene, had the idea of putting this thing on. She basically told him that there was going to be gore in her life. Either we would make it happen on stage, or she was going to turn him inside out and revel in his innards, so now he is putting on this festival with these theater people.


Other than this festival, Christian can sometimes bee (not a typo, just a fringe joke) seen behind the bar at Mainline theater. He has consulted for the Montreal Clown Festival, but otherwise he just works too much in his regular everyday professional boring person job…