The unease, palpitations, rising fear and disquieting uncertainty are a mere smattering  of feelings we have when we find ourselves amidst a horror story BUT- there is so much more… 

        Amongst the backdrop of Montreal’s theatrical festival circuit in 2017, an epiphany occurred. There was a sparse almost non existent presence of horror performances within the diverse theater community. At this critical moment a tenacious and fragile idea came into being. What if there was an event where theatrical performances within the horror genre could be featured? Armed with an idea and unwavering determination the idea transformed into the Festival de la Bête Noire. The brainchild of Executive and Artistic Director Mylène Chicoine, who’s love of the genre stems from the visceral and sensory journeys horror movies took her and her brother as children - even now.


        This festival is a playground where all avenues of horror can be explored from its traditional fright and gore roots to the campy and kooky. With a small core team of horror lovers who share the same love for this misunderstood, awkward genre  they launched their inaugural year in 2018.

Happily tucked away in the month of February for 5 days amidst the cold dark  oppressive winter you will find adventures and thrills within the Festivals de la Bête Noire’s bloody arms.


Building a diverse community of horror enthusiasts through multidisciplinary live performance art; whilst trying to share the experience from coast to coast.  


  • Provide a platform through which emerging artists can express their love of the horror genre through performance art.

  • Give audiences a chance to band together in fictional fear.

  • Offer a safe space where people are allowed to be afraid, for fun.

  • Apply an open application process.


  • Diversity and inclusion

  • Community

  • Celebrating vulnerability

  • Creating safe spaces for unorthodox expression