This years  festival has come to an end. We wish to thank all the Companies and performers for their participation  in this years virtual edition. We also wish to extend a very big thank you to the all of our viewers and supporters! until next year!!

Please note: some portions of  " Poe  In the Snow" contain digital post-production. The intent of Festival de la Bête Noire was to not focus on digitally enhanced work. 

Only Footprints Icon.jpg

Home Theatre Productions Presents: Only Footprints


This interactive,choose-your-own adventure experience, you will solve puzzles and make hard choices ...

dark f.jpg

Dark Felina Presents:


This viseral choreographed  burlesque fusion act  you will witness new life filled with power...

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Thorn Hill Manor Tales  Presents:


The notorious Hale House holds dark secrets , found in the journal of a horribly abused boy named Edwin Hale. Contained within the pages ...





In this Raw and deeply poignant piece

 A man, struggling with mental health issues, makes a...


The Malicious Basaement Presents:


Wretch is an intimate piece experimenting within the bounds of Theatre Cruelty. A darkly absurdist journeyinto a moment of ...

Peony Lantern - Online - 1000px.jpg

Yokohama Theatre Group Presents: 

The Peony Lantern ( Botan Dōrō )

 Japan, 1912.A man with a secret arrives during the annual festival of the dead. He falls in love with a young woman who...



The Malicious Basaement Presents:

Red Paper

This Comedy horror piece steeped  in  Japanese Folklore will have you asking    "Blue paper or Red paper"...

12. Latino Theatre company .jpg

 Latino Theatre Initiative Presents:

The Witch Among Us

A Mexican witch hunter with a troubled past arrives in South Texas to investigate the disappearances of unbaptized babies...


Bianca Folgar & Straton Rushing Present:


When two strangers wake up, chained next to each other in a shed, they have to piece together why and how.  Their captor...


Thanato Films Presents:

The SerVants  Rock'n'roll Spook Show

he SerVant’s terrifying cinematic universe comes to life for one special evening. Old songs, new songs, blood, guts, and ...

Bump in the night .jpg

Centralcasting Audio Dramas presents:

Bump in the Night


This short radio Drama will make you question what to do when you hear a bump in the night...

poe in the snow.jpg

Quagmire Productions Presents:

Poe in the Snow

“Poe in the Snow” is a selection of  4 short adaptations of the works of Edgar Allan Poe...


Heart of Gold Productions  Presents:  


This performance delves into the  dark relationship of a  father-daughter vampire story

Handy & Kandy.jpg

Handy Kaufman Presents:

Friday the 13th Hour 

Each night from Feb 17 to 21,  host Handy and Kandy will interview performers and team members, do some trivia, play some games, give away prizes and more… all live streamed right to your screen.