2021 (LINE UP)

We are Excited to announce our 2020-2021 line up! Not only have we gone digital but we've gone INERNATIONAL! Keep coming  back for updates and details as we move forward in this new forum.

ThanatoFilms - The SerVant 

Band /Music

Thorn Hill Manor Tales -

"Mystery, Love, and Murder" 

A Radio Play

Jessica Roy - Condoléances  

Fusion Burlesque

Centralcasting Audio Dramas - Bump In the Night 

An Audio Drama

Mikki Michelle - Cabaret Abnormal 


Mad Paradox - Pento 

A visceral documentary drama/

Calixta Starr - The Tarot of the Red Death


Muttering Ancients - "M" 

A radio play

Ian Fincham - Folklore shadow play

Quagmire Productions - “eVasion” 

A seductive tale of passion and manipulation

Quagmire Productions -

“Poe in the Snow” 

Winter outdoor Poe performances

Heart of Gold Productions -

A dramatic reading of an original piece

The Malicious Basement Theatre Company -   "Wretch " 

A psychological horror piece

The Malicious Basement Theatre Company -   "Red Paper " 

A Comedy horror play

Ean Kessler - "The Love Song of Albert J. Fish; Or The Grey Man" -

A short one person horror play

Kay Komizara - 

Improv and horror lecture

Marissa Blair, produced in collaboration with Mad Paradox - Adolescent 

A body horror piece

Yokohama Theatre Group - "Botan Dōrō" ("The Peony Lantern") 

A traditional Japanese ghost story

Latino Theatre Initiatives - La Chusa 

A monster tale

Bianca Folgar - Bianca Folgar and Straton Rushing 

A captives in captivity story

Home Theatre Productions - 

Interactive virtual mystery game

Tiny Arm Productions - Going Up 

A radio play


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